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Testing of soils is essential prior to construction and property acquisitions. Soil conditions vary greatly in Florida and can lead to structural problems. Contaminated soils can threaten human health and water quality, and they may cause liability for new owners, even if a buyer was unaware contaminants existed before they bought the property.

Clean fresh water is precious and scarce. If you have any concerns about your water supply, or if your water comes from a well, we offer complete water testing services to verify water quality. We offer testing for FHA compliance, chemical, PH, bacteria, lead, hardness, and more if needed. Our testing is certified and reliable.

Air testing is the best way to determine if various pollutants are present within an indoor environment.  There are several different methods to sample air depending on the compound, chemical, gas, or contaminant to be evaluated. The science of air testing and sampling is complex and requires an experienced professional knowledgeable in the use of specialized equipment and data analysis. We are pleased to review options available to you and to arrange a sequential battery of testing as needed for each project.

Soil testing is essential for property assessments and as part of a comprehensive due-diligence strategy. The constituent materials contained in soil are important to know, as well as soil compaction and presences of hazardous materials. The EPA makes a property owner liable for soil contamination, even if hazards are not disclosed to a buyer, or even if hazardous materials are discovered years after the material was deposited in the soil. Avoid being a victim of circumstances or ignorance; it may cost you tens of thousands of dollars in remediation and permitting. Be sure to call us to assist you with your site and soils analysis.

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