PRIME Engineering & Environmental Building ServicesDrug Grow Houses & Methamphetamine (Meth Lab) Detection

Grow houses are far from strictly a policing issue; because they require large amounts of electricity, criminals commonly steal power by bypassing the electrical meter. In addition to being illegal, makeshift wiring often pose a safety and fire hazards.

Homes used for grow operations are often rendered uninhabitable by toxic mold caused by the high humidity used to grow the plants. Additionally, toxic chemicals used as fertilizers and pesticides can remain on and in indoor materials which then pose risks to indoor health.

Holes bashed into walls and foundations to route wires, water and ventilation equipment can compromise a home’s structural integrity.  And often in Florida, insulation in the attic of a grow house is removed to allow easier heating of the indoor space.

All in all, grow houses are a huge risk to a potential buyer. Please contact us to assist you with your property evaluation or assessment.

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