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We are charter members of PPIAA (Professional Permit Inspectors Association of America) and provide our clients with technical research and expert inspections to determine if Permit related issues exist for a subject property. Equally important is that we have the skills, knowledge, and requisite licenses to resolve permit issues for our clients.

The concept of a Permit Inspection was initially developed and adopted as part of the 2011 Florida FR/BAR Real Estate Sales Contract. The primary reason for its inception was to shed liability from agents & brokers involved with residential sales transactions and to also shed liability away from property sellers/owners who may be unaware of permit issues related to their property that could become a liability for a new owner.

The FR/BAR residential sales contract makes it the sole responsibility of a “buyer” to determine if any issues exist with the property being sold that relate to needed permits for the specific use of a property, or for improvements/building that have been made to the property. In the most extreme scenario, a home owner could be required to demolish a entire structure, or part of it, if it was not properly permitted and approved by a JHA. While this is an extreme example, it demonstrates the liability that can fall upon a new property owner if existing buildings or land uses are not properly authorized by JHAs.    

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