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PRIME Engineering Services include:

  • Building Inspections & Failure Analysis - We analyze, inspect, and test structures and their components to determine integrity, functionality, and safety issues that may be a concern for occupants, managers, and owners. 
  • Moisture Intrusion & Leak Detection - We find leaks. Water and moisture intrusion issues can be difficult to detect and pose challenges in determining their underlying source. We use experience, knowledge of building sciences, and advanced technologies to pin point leaks and moisture intrusion.
  • Structural, Roof, HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing - We evaluate the integrity and functionality of all building systems to problem solve matters such as roof leaks, structural integrity, electrical difficulties, and plumbing issues. 
  • Weather Envelope, Fenestration, Masonry, Wood Frame, Insulation - Exterior wall and window systems can be problematic and cause air and water leaks, poor insulation, mold amplification, and many other issues.  We are able to identify these problems and prepare creative and cost effective solutions.
  • Stucco, Synthetic Stucco, EFIS, Drainage Planes - Problems on buildings with stucco, and synthetic stucco finishes is very common. These systems are rarely installed correctly and when problems exist, leaks, mold, and structural damage will occur. We have the knowledge and insight to identify defects with exterior finishes and define appropriate solutions.
  • Consulting On Engineering Aspects Of All Buildings - All structures are complex configurations of diverse technical systems that have interactions and which affect the building occupants. With our broad knowledge of both engineering principals and environmental issues, we provide excellent and cost effective solutions to any and all building problems.
  • Client Representation On Projects & Legal Suits - We fiducially represent our clients with expertise and confidentiality. When you hire contractors or firms to repair, renovate, design, build, or remediate any part or entirety of a building, residence, or structure, no one looks after your interests. Contractors work to maximize their profit. Every project, no matter the size, needs a qualified client representative working for you alone, who has no financial interest in the outcome of a project to verify work is done in compliance with best practices and applicable design standards. In short, we make sure your project is done right.
  • Value Engineering In Pre-construction Phase - In the world of engineering and construction, it is a known fact that the cost and success of a project are determined before any contractor is ever hired and before any work ever commences. During and even after the initial design phase of a project it is important to stop, and re-assess a project based on three criteria:  Cost, Schedule, and Quality. This is where we can save you money, time, and ensure the finished project meets your expectations.
  • Expert Witness Testimony - If you have been harmed, have suffered loss, or are the victim of a poorly build structure with latent defects, we can help. Our professionally licensed and credentialed staff of experts in engineering, building sciences, and environmental consulting can provide forensic inspections coupled with their years of experience to identify the source and cause of failures and problems that leads to parties responsible.      
  • Insurance Inspections, Wind Mitigation - In the past few years, insurance costs for all building types have become a significant factor for all owners and occupants. We provide all inspections service your insurance company needs to give you the lowest rates and best policies. Don’t risk losing your coverage or paying too much for your policy.  
  • Forensic Inspections, Insurance Claims - We provide expert analysis to evaluate damage to structures and their components to demine the cause and extent of damages. We can determine fraudulent claims, and we help claimants ensure they are properly compensated for all damage, see and unseen.
  • Infrared (Thermal) Imaging - The use of infrared thermograph (IR cameras) provides our clients with the latest technology to identify moisture leaks, problems with insulation, and even overheating of electrical components.
  • Bore Scope Analysis - A bore scope is a very small diameter tube that is flexible and inside it is a fiber optic element that permits non-destructive analyses inside area that a person cannot physically reach. Bore scopes allow us to inspect and analyze HVAC duct work, plumbing drains, confined spaces behind walls, over ceilings, under floors, and even inside equipment.  
  • Inspection & Analysis of HVAC Systems - Issues with heating, cooling, filtration, and humidity control require experienced experts to design, troubleshoot, and repair. Our team of experts provides creative designs, analysis, and solutions to meet all our clients’ needs.
  • Balcony & Roof Inspections & Certifications - In Florida, state law requires all residential structure four (4) stories or taller to have balconies inspected at least every five years by a licensed professional engineer. We have the technology and experience to serve this need.
  • Energy Audits - The cost of energy is rising fast and will not go down. Avoid paying too much for your heating and cooling when we can provide an energy audit of your residence or commercial building to determine points of missing or poor insulation, duct leaks, HVAC functionality, and improper pressurizations. A small investment in our service will reward you handsomely and may be the best investment you’ll every make.
  • Permit Inspections - We are charter members of PPIAA (Professional Permit Inspectors Association of America) and provide our clients with technical research and expert inspections to determine if Permit related issues exist for a subject property. Equally important is that we have the skills, knowledge, and requisite licenses to resolve permit issues for our clients.
  • FBC (Florida Building Code) Reviews And Inspections - Many building owners and residents are concerned if their buildings are “code compliant”. We provide code inspections to help resolve our clients’ concerns.
  • Financial Reserves Analysis (Condo & Home Owner Associations) - We are a licensed CAM (Community Association Manager, NOTE: by intention, we do NOT offer any management services) and we have the knowledge and expertise to supporting condominium and home owner associations. Florida law requires every association to have their Financial Reserves Analysis prepared by a Licensed Florida Professional Engineer. This is a key service we provide and which will help your community more effectively manage your budgeting.
  • Development & Review Of Contracts & Contractor Bid Packages

    - Having an ally working on your behalf is vital in developing contracts and specifications for any type of construction project. We provide experienced engineers to help you create a meaningful set of contracts, plans, and/or bid packages prior to their release. Only with years of experience is a person able to ask the right questions and be aware of pit falls and traps to avoid in technical documents. Without support by seasoned project engineers and managers you can fall victim to poor, defective, or ineffective designs, biased contracts that hold no one accountable, or bid packages that leave too many variables undefined which may eventually cause a project to fail.

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