PRIME Engineering & Environmental Building ServicesPost-storm Damage Inspections and Assessments

After any major storm, buildings suffer damage in all cases. The key is to identify the damage before secondary or tertiary affects take place. For example, if a storm causes a roof leak and fail to notice it or may be away when it occurs,  there might then be water intrusion that within 48 hours will cause mold to develop and spread potentially rendering and building un-inhabitable.

Now, does your insurance cover the $600 roof damage? yes, absolutely.

Does your insurance cover the $3,000 cost secondary water damage? Perhaps.

Does your insurance cover the loss of use and mold remediation for $18,000 ? Probably NOT.

After every major storm event call us to inspect your building or home and ensure you find about problems before they spiral out of control. We are licensed Professional Engineers, Licensed Home Inspectors, Registered Building Inspectors, and we care about your assets and liabilities.

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