PRIME Engineering & Environmental Building ServicesCode and Quality Compliance Inspections and Testing

Is the wiring correct?  Is the HVAC sized properly? Will condensation lead to mold problems? These are the types of issue we verify to ensure your satisfaction. Contractors and especially sub-contractors always tell their clients everything is fine and “that’s the way we always do it”. Well it’s always half-assed and wrong, but they don’t care and you don’t know the difference. And, if you believe a municipal inspector’s signature and on permit means everything meets minimum code, you have much to learn. Don’t be a victim. Call us to inspect your project, building, and components to ensure proper compliance to specifications and Florida Building Codes.

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PRIME Engineering & Environmental Building Services

475 19th Place
Vero Beach, FL 32960
Phone: (772) 410–3752

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Engineering & Evironmental Building Services, Vero Beach, FL

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